Women ages 18 and older are able to pool resources, build personal and professional strength, share information and life experiences that will aid in positive problem solving. As a result, women learn to become stronger as they unite together to display leadership within the community. 


Women meet monthly to engage in meaningful and inspiring conversations that will create the challenge to overcome life’s stumbling blocks and progress to the next level of success in life!

​Women are empowered with tools that will aid in building a strong united sisterhood. Through social gathering, women will gain interpersonal skills, self-confidence, and a sense of self-worth. This solution focused, safe sharing environment will promote healthy living and positive decision making both personally and professionally.


Activities Include: Coffee, Brunch, Weekend Trips, Day Trips, Round Table Discussions, Couples Night, Museums, Concerts, Plays, Ballet, Opera, Volunteering in the community, Mentorship and more…

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