One of A Kind empowers individuals to embrace self-security by taking action in their lives, making positive life choices, and encourages individuals to be active in the communities. Critical thinking skills are developed to build responsible young adults. Individuals will learn to express their feelings in a caring manner and adapt a can-do attitude. In times of self-doubt or insecurities individuals will not become paralyzed in their thoughts as a group.

In psychology, the term self-esteem is used to describe a person’s overall sense of self-worth or personal value. We know it’s not just how we look but how we feel about the way we look. Self-esteem is not just how successful or smart others say we are, but how confident we feel about how successful or smart we are. One of A Kind offers two distinctive programs designed for individuals between ages 12-20.

  • Phase I program offers a six week workshop where members meet on a weekly basis.
  • Phase II is a 12 month program where members meet bi-weekly.

Programs promote self-esteem, self-motivation, provides emotional support, skills and knowledge building techniques that will assist in successfully overcoming the struggles and challenges that may be experienced during adolescence. A variety of learning experiences will enable individuals to become socially, emotionally, and spiritually stronger. Through organized learning individuals will build self-esteem, self-motivation, self-confidence and a positive self-image. Individuals will become stronger academically and healthier both mentally and physically.


The purpose of One of A Kind programs is to promote self-esteem in an effort to reduce at-risk activities among adolescents. Learning objectives will be met through group discussions, role-playing activities, self-administered assessments, volunteering, and other fun interactive activities and discussions.

Low self-esteem can affect adolescents in many ways. According to National Association for Self-Esteem “a close relationship has been documented between low self-esteem and such problems as violence, alcoholism, drug abuse, eating disorders, school dropouts, teenage pregnancy, suicide, and low academic achievement.”

Expected outcomes include: positive self-identification, improved self-esteem, increase in self-motivation and positive self-image.
Our goal is to provide individuals with support and assistance in preparing for our global and challenging society.

PHASE I: Six Week Workshop​

This educational enrichment program empowers self-esteem and leadership in young boys and girls ages 12-20. It is the belief that as much as we may seem to be alike, we are all unique in our own individual ways causing us to be One of a Kind. Everyone deserves a fair chance to achieve their maximum abilities. Through workshops, community service projects, and career building activities, boys and girls will develop a sense of self, self-esteem, self-control, spiritual, mental, emotional, professional, and personal growth.​

Benefits to One of A Kind Program:

Participating in this program will:

  • Build self-esteem, self-concept, self-motivation, and positive self-image
  • ​Have a better understanding of their special skills, talents, and traits that make them One of A Kind
  • Discover their life purpose, establish an exciting life vision and set goals to achieve their vision
  • Explore career interests and develop a career plan
  • Develop a community network of supportive mentors and advisors who care about their success
  • Have fun making new friends and socializing with peers
  • Visit colleges and experience cultural arts
  • Learn essential life skills they need to live a productive, healthy and balanced life

PHASE II: Membership only

This program offers group mentoring and leadership development. Members meet bi-weekly for 1-2 hours at a centralized location.  Program curriculum primary areas of focus are: self-esteem, self-motivation, self-image, leadership, finance, health/wellness, and healthy relationships. Our program is offered to boys and girls between the ages of 12-20. The program goal is to empower self-esteem, self-motivation and self-confidence that will last a lifetime.

Program Purpose Is To: 

  • Promote self-esteem and self-respect while building a strong sense of self-worth
  • Promote community involvement
  • Provide a safe environment for boys and girls to converse freely and develop solutions to overcome lives daily struggles
  • Bi-weekly activities that promote leadership
  • Build personal character with the guidance of positive adult mentors
  • Promote being One of A Kind by embracing strengths and building on weaknesses to develop personal/professional growth.


  • Self-Perception: Image
  • Dealing with Peer Pressure
  • Healthy Emotions & Relationships
  • Career Planning & Development
  • Working With Diverse Groups & Building Consensus
  • Visioning & Goal Setting
  • Habits of Highly Effective Teens
  • Steps to Success
  • Decisions Teens Must Make


  • Confidence & Esteem, Leadership Skills Assessment
  • Identification of learning styles, strengths, and challenges
  • Community Service Projects
  • Academic Continuous Improvement Plan
  • Public Speaking
  • Strategic Planning
  • Serve in leadership roles
  • Collaboration with other community agencies
  • Drug & Alcohol Prevention Projects