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Higher Learning Services (HLS) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization providing services to schools, organizations, individuals, youth and their families. HLS provides interventions for: mental health, self-esteem and social skills enhancement, self-motivation, self-confidence, positive self-image, alcohol and drug prevention, anger management, counseling, prevention workshops, case management, treatment referrals and resources, parenting and relationship skills, and divorce and separation issues.


The purpose of Higher Learning Services is to promote empowerment.  HLS programs are designed to reinforce positive lifestyles, promote social, emotional, spiritual growth, and promote personal and professional growth.


Our goal is to provide support and assistance to individuals and families by providing tools that will prepare for our global and challenging society.

​We aim to assist in developing a natural support system through community resources. This effective transition will create the path to self-sufficiency by fostering professional and personal growth.


Services are provided through individual/family counseling, peer support groups, creative arts, summer programs, teen- leadership opportunities, fun projects, educational workshops, outreach services, life skills, independent living programs, resources and referrals.